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About Nancy Herold

Perhaps best known under her professional pseudonym of Adrianna Larkin, Nancy Herold is an award winning singer-songwriter whose dulcent tones have enchanted, captivated and mesmerized audiences in a variety of age groups and musical tastes for more than a decade.

Having crafted over 50 songs to date including themes for radio and television, her music is universal in its appeal and undeniably entertaining.

Although often classified as a folk artist, this does little to truly reveal the expanse of Nancy Herold’s musical talent . Offering her mix of latin rhythms, blues roots, celtic flavors, classic rock and country storytelling, she delivers her fresh sound that transcends time and labels.

She cites her influences as the folk divas of the 70’s that included Joan Baez, Carol King, Carly Simon and Judy Collins. However, she also states that it was the lyrics of artists such as Billy Joel, and Mary Chapin Carpenter who moved her to create what she lovingly refers to as her ‘story in song’.

“Music has the ability to not only heal, but help us express the unexpressable - whether you are the listener or the performer. If applied with skill and heart it unites everyone involved through the experience…leaving them better for having shared it.”


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