Meet the Herolds

Nancy and Mike Herold joined three kids, two careers and a handful of dreams over two decades ago.

In 2013 they left Illinois to return Nancy’s family property and provide assistance to Nancy’s mom who was experiencing a decline in her health. Nancy is the fifth generation to live on the farm.

Joined by her husband Mike who oversees a good deal of the maintenance and design of their repurposed buildings, he also assists her with event logistics and the day-to-day maintenance of their property as Nancy plans events and writes curriculum for programs.

Returning to the family farm which essentially had been abandoned for a decade and not updated over half of a century, a good portion of their time was spent adding new infrastructure and performing clean up.

In April of 2022 they opened the doors to their reconstructed century old barn built by Nancy’s grand dad. Beginning the project in February 2020 just as the pandemic was raging, their timeline for completion was extended from 8 months to 2 years.

Now open, the Jenkerson Barn (Jenkerson being the family name) boasts a loft apartment with its own entrance and ample space for classes and events in the barn below. Both Nancy and Mike feel it has deepened connections in their community as it creates a legacy for future generations.

“Community is everything” says Nancy. “It was the saving grace of those who lived here before me and I believe it is what will bring about a better world for all of us going forward…that’s why we do fun things like craft fairs and barn dances” adding: “It’s the best way I have of getting to know my neighbors!”

The Barn Rebuild!

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