The Future

The Expanded Vision

It is Nancy and Michael’s hope that one day, Sacred Fire Farms will be the first location of what will emerge as PAM™ talks. Just as TED speakers present topics in Technology, Entertainment, and Design, which are considered the most influential sources of our current culture, the Herold’s feel that it is a more feminine energy that will offer active and applicable solutions for many of the global challenges going forward.

PAM™, which stands for Personal Development, the Arts, and Metaphysics, was conceived by Nancy to be the response to what she feels is lacking in a techno-centric culture.

“Without a doubt, technology offers us benefits, yet carried to the extreme, it is also a barrier to relationships and self reflection. You have to take time to nurture the most important relationship you have—which is with yourself. Until you really know and understand yourself, it will be difficult to understand anyone else.”

On the subject of Art she says: “Art and its creation can be said to provide entertainment value, yet it goes one step further. It creates a physical restructuring of the human brain which can then be used for problem solving in daily life. Where I see entertainment as a passive exercise, art is very much an active process.”

And on the subject of metaphysics, Nancy offers:  “I view metaphysical studies as something that can provide a deeper understanding of our connection with nature, God and each other.  Our current model of empirical science often places us at odds with spiritual beliefs and even nature; yet, metaphysical sciences actually make a case for many of those beliefs being valid. For me, it speaks to The Grandest Design of All, which calls us to understand the mysteries of life outside of what we think we know.”

She continues, “A spiritual belief, by my own definition, is simply ‘A belief in The Good you cannot see’. That’s pretty generic, but it also makes a sharp distinction from extremist views that choose instead to focus on all of the ‘bad’ that cannot be seen.”

She smiles adding: “A unifying theme of ‘unseen good’ simply keeps the fine print from getting in the way.”

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