Come to Restore

Returning to where it all began….

Nancy had her first wildcrafting experience just before she turned 3 years old while visiting the farm, then owned by her grandparents . Her studies would be short lived however as her grandfather would pass away when she was just six years old

“While in my nursing practice, I always felt there was ‘something more’ something we were missing, especially when it comes to the management of chronic disease. Over the 40 years I have been involved with healing in the allopathic model I have become more convinced than ever that we need to consider all options for our wellbeing.”

Returning to her family’s homestead, Nancy had found herself in a community of healers that would reacquaint her with her Ozark roots. Some came from families who had done this for many generations, some formally trained in plant medicine as certified herbalists and still others educated in college and follow up classes that groomed them as botanists and master naturalists. Her own desire for expanded healing knowledge outside of what she knew was spurred on by desiring more holistic choices for her mother.

“I believe we are hardwired for healing” Nancy says. “The human body is amazing. I feel like nearly any disease, malady, or illness can essentially be made better and put into remission if we have the right tools for its management”.

Nancy has been a student of Ayurvedic, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Homeopathy and Western Herbalism and may draw on all of these to educate clients on options for holistic care.

At this time she only sees clients at her farm. She frequently is called upon for public speaking and presentations and she offers to do plant walks for identification at private properties for a group of 5 or more.

To inquire about an in person coaching session or explore a presentation in your community, please complete the contact form.

Nancy’s background includes emergency medicine, intensive care, telephonic rehabilitative & occupational medicine, case management for solid organ and bone marrow transplantation, and disease management. 

Nancy says, “It is my belief that nearly every condition—even chronic conditions including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, gout and auto immune disorders—can be averted, improved dramatically or placed in remission with the right information and resources to manage them, regardless of family history or genes. I have helped a number of people meet their goals in the following areas.”

  • weight reduction
  • establishing a healthy exercise program
  • eating for wellness and disease prevention
  • management of immunological conditions
  • stress relief
  • education regarding CAM (complimentary alternative medicine) options

“My goal is to inform and share research, techniques, and tips to help you formulate a plan of management that you can incorporate into your unique lifestyle.

Just as no two fingerprints are the same, neither are our bodies or the lives we lead with them. My role as I see it, is to be a resource to increase your knowledge of how to take charge of your health and make the most of the wellness care you are receiving.”


“Nancy is extremely knowledgeable and I both trust and benefit from her multifaceted background. Her intuitive and respectful nature immediately puts me at ease and makes working with her a great experience. I appreciate that Nancy puts a great deal of effort into her practice…before, during and after a session. Whether in prepping for a meeting, following up with an e-mail or her willingness to ensure that clients have what they need in between appointments, her care and concern are always evident.”

L.R. – Bourbon Missouri

“This woman knows her stuff. I have really benefited from the guidance and information she has given me!”

C.D. Bourbon, MO

“Nancy Herold is a wellness coach that shines light through darkness, can remove rocks from the path on which you are walking and guide you to where you wish to go by shorter routes. Her holistic way of life, be it business, health, relationships, or inner peace, makes her guidance one of extraordinary love. Her “GPS” also includes GREAT PERSONAL SERVICE.”

J.P. Owensville, MO

“I have had issues with lower back problems for years that used to put me on the floor and cause me to miss work three to five times a year. In working with Nancy, I was able to incorporate a stretching routine and some other things that limit the inflammatory process. That has really decreased the back episodes. Even if it flares up, I now know how to manage it and it’s just not that severe anymore.”

M.H. St. Louis

“I was having issues with heart palpitations and went to see my doctor who ruled out anything serious but didn’t really give me any useful information on how to get them to ease up. Nancy shared information on the many possible causes, talked about the importance of good hydration and avoiding stimulants, then she shared research of how Hawthorn Berry syrup has helped tone and support heart health for a variety of people. I now take it every morning and have noticed a significant decrease in feeling the palpitations. I much prefer this over putting chemicals into my body!”

L.E. O’Fallon IL

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