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Our flagship course, The Elementary Herbalist, is presented in 5 week sessions from April thru September. It is specifically geared toward teaching lay and beginning students the practical and real application of Western Herbalism.
Held for 6 hrs a day one day a week, it offers participants a combination of hands on remedy making, wildcrafting (identifying and gathering in the wild) and knowledge of current scientific data supporting the use of the botanical remedies that we discuss. 
The class is taught by “systems”: immune, cardiac, respiratory, digestive and more. Students receive a manual with a reference guide for each herb,  its application as well as suggested dose. When available, seeds are also shared with students to begin their own ‘remedy garden’. 
Classes are kept small (ideally 6 but no more than 10) so personalized attention is received. For the 2024 season all enrollees can sit in and repeat the class to refresh or ‘audit’ free of charge to make sure the knowledge has been imprinted
Class sessions for 2024 are as follows 
4/6/24 – 5/4/24
5/13/24 – 6/10/24
6/25/24 – 7/23/24
8/7/24 – 9/9/4/24
Here’s what people are saying about The Elementary Herbalist Course:
“I’m an RN and grew up with herbal remedies so I had some knowledge. This course really took me to the next level!” J.W
“As one of Nancy’s early students, I can tell you I use what I have been taught. It is amazing the difference it has made in my wellbeing and the wellness of friends and family”. D.S
“Absolutely Fantastic!, I have audited classes after taking them and learn even more!” M.K. 
“Nancy makes the information easy to understand – and so valuable. I was actually sad when the 5 weeks were over, I enjoyed it so much” J.E.

Become a member of The Meramec Valley Herb Guild

Guild meetings are the first Sunday of every month at 1 pm and take place in The Jenkerson Barn. They traditionally host a speaker and are followed by a sharing of members experiences with herbal practice as it relates to the subject matter. Attendees are then free to network with other members. There is no fee to join. Simply add your name to the contact list to be included as a guild member. Contact us here!

Mission Statement:

The Mission of The Meramec Valley Herb Guild is to provide networking, education and preservation of time honored herbal practices while exploring new applications for their use. Open to all who seek to increase their understanding of helpful botanicals and deepen their connection to the earth, the activities of the guild are guided by its desire to create sustainability, stewardship and community, so that the enjoyment of plant knowledge is easily preserved and able to be passed on to future generations.

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