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Q: Why a series of programs called “Holistically Healthy U”?

A: It has been Nan’s wish for a long time to establish an herbal school here on the farm, yet she knows that while interest may be there among many people who have attended our classes, either time, distance or finances can be a barrier for this type of education.

In addition: Not everyone wants to be a certified herbalist or naturopath, yet they may wish to have the practical knowledge of how to find AND use the remedies they need for a condition that plagues their family.

This knowledge was owned by our grandparents and great grandparents. It has all but disappeared in two to three generations. We are just a couple of people doing our best to restore and revive it–along with many others.


Become a member of The Meramec Valley Herb Guild

Guild meetings are the first Sunday of every month at 1 pm and take place in The Jenkerson Barn. They traditionally host a speaker and are followed by a sharing of members experiences with herbal practice as it relates to the subject matter. Attendees are then free to network with other members. There is no fee to join. Simply add your name to the contact list to be included as a guild member. Contact us here!

Mission Statement:

The Mission of The Meramec Valley Herb Guild is to provide networking, education and preservation of time honored herbal practices while exploring new applications for their use. Open to all who seek to increase their understanding of helpful botanicals and deepen their connection to the earth, the activities of the guild are guided by its desire to create sustainability, stewardship and community, so that the enjoyment of plant knowledge is easily preserved and able to be passed on to future generations.

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