Sacred Fire Farms
12804 State Hwy W
Bourbon, MO 65441

Directions to Sacred Fire Farms from St. Louis, MO

  1. Take Interstate 44 west to the Bourbon, MO exit (Exit 218)
  2. Turn left at the top of the exit ramp crossing over Interstate 44 and proceed to the 4 way stop sign.
  3. Continue straight through the 4 way stop sign and proceed though downtown Bourbon until you reach the next stop sign ( Historic Town Tavern will be on your right).
  4. Turn right onto State Highway N, crossing over the rail road tracks, and follow State Highway N for approximately 12 miles. ( You will pass Camp Mihaska approximately 2 miles out of town, Blues Springs Ranch approximately 5 miles out of town, cross over the Meramec River approximately 8 miles out of town, and finally crossing over Brazil Creek approximately 12 miles out of town).
  5. Turn right onto State Highway W immediately after crossing over Brazil Creek
  6. Follow State Highway W for approximately 2.8 miles.
  7. Sacred Fire Farms is on the right hand side of the highway. It is marked by a large black rural mailbox with our address 12804 on the side of it.
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