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Weight loss is a subject on which I receive a lot of inquiry.

Truth be told: I’m not as concerned about the weight by itself –especially if someone is carrying a few extra pounds but feels good.

In the presence of extra weight where someone does NOT feel good and is accompanied by things like muscle and joint aches, cardiovascular issues (elevated blood pressure for instance) or  other chronic conditions (even chronic fatigue or lethargy) weight can be an early warning symptom of a bigger picture.

More specifically: Inflammation.

Inflammation has been associated with everything from cardiac disease to cancer. More and more research suggests that inflammation may be the source of chronic depression.

So when people express their intent to shed pounds and the fact that their desire to “lose”(or inability to do so) is almost weighing them down, I suggest that we look at not only diet, but lifestyle, stressors, and other things that contribute to the inflammatory process.

It is at this point, the topic of conversation almost always turns to adaptogens. Adaptogens are a classification of herb that help the body manage stress. (and it has been my experience that stress “gone wild” is a huge factory for inflammation).

To be considered an adaptogen, an herb must have three traits. #1: that is non-toxic and safe for everyone. #2: It must also have benefits that are non-specific and generalized. That is: It is beneficial to the whole body and not just one system or organ. #3:the herb tends to balance body performance, regardless of where the problem originated.

While it is important to manage one’s diet to maintain optimum weight, it is not the only consideration. Inflammation has many triggers–but it also has a number of things that limit it,

…if we know how to use them!

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